KILLA Snus - Nicotine Pouches 12.8mg
The legendary KILLA. Known and recognised for its KILLA flavours, KILLA taste & KILLA good nicotine kick one simply can not resist. Their immense flavour and smooth nicotine hit has earned customers’ trust, recognition and preference on the worldwide nicotine pouches market.  ...
Sold Out
Cuba black Snus - nicotine pouches 43 Mg
Cuba Black Snus is a potent nicotine pouch designed for experienced users seeking a strong and satisfying nicotine experience. Each pouch contains 43 mg of nicotine, making it one of the most powerful options available on the market. The pouches...
Pablo Snus - Nicotine Pouches 30mg
Experience the epitome of convenience and potency with PABLO nicotine pouches. Crafted for those craving intense freshness and powerful nicotine satisfaction, PABLO offers an extra strong nicotine experience without smoke. Step into a world where potency meets convenience with PABLO....
Poke Snus - Nicotine Pouches 9MG/12MG/16MG
Poke Snus offers a range of smokeless tobacco products in various nicotine strengths to cater to different preferences and tolerance levels. Known for their high-quality and flavourful blends, Poke Snus provides a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking. Choose from different...
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